Plant engineering

Bucket elevators are made of heavy galvanized or powder-coated sheet steel. The capacity is up to 300 to/h. They are high quality conveyors, which are stable even in high versions.
The elevators are supplied for direct coupled geared motor drive or for pulley drive.

Technical details:

  • elevator floor, elevator head – both with heavy ball bearings
  • Motor console for shaft-mounted geared motor
  • Band tensioner in the foot
  • Cleaning flaps on both sides
  • one inlet piece
  • Extension tubes in different lengths
  • Misalignment and speed monitoring
  • Backstop
  • Spacer plates for each connection
  • High-performance belt (belt)
  • Cups

Chain Conveyor

Horizontal conveying of grain, flour and granules up to 30° inclination. The performance spectrum ranges up to 300 to/h

The chain conveyors are made of galvanized or powder-coated material. All parts are manufactured on CNC machines and therefore 100% accurate. This production method makes the conveyor easy to assemble.

These conveyor elements can be equipped with intermediate outlets or as gutter chain conveyors. The intermediate outlets are operated manually with chain, pneumatically or electrically.

Conveyor Belts

Troughed belt conveyors, for example, can convey material in both directions and are available in various designs: e.g: shifting belts, discharge scales etc.
The capacity ranges from up to 300 to/h (grain), the construction is made of galvanized or powder-coated sheet steel
Advantage: high stability and low power requirement

A belt conveyor consists of standard modular elements, which can be easily combined and assembled on request.
Belt conveyors convince by their high conveying capacity, small dimensions and weight and easy assembly.

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Spreading Screws

Spreading augers, for example, offer a simple solution for conveying grain to silos and flat stores.
Screw conveyors, flexible screws, trough screws and screws with dosing hoppers can be used.


Mounted or compact design for easy transport
Stainless steel ensures weather resistance and protection against aggressive materials
High performance through extreme throwing distances and heights
Simple operation and easy swivelling due to vertical axis suspension
Can be combined with peripheral equipment, such as wagon discharge slides and discharge screws
Variants: galvanized – stainless steel – optionally with turntable

Baffle plate scale
The baffle plate scale is used for continuous weight measurement of bulk materials in powder form and as granulates.

Technical details:

The stream of bulk material is fed through the feed chute at a constant drop height, the load is transferred to the load cell. Material deposits on the baffle plate do not cause zero point changes, because only horizontal forces are transmitted.

The system can be used for monitoring or for exact quantity filling. The total quantity of the current batch, current flow rate in kg or tons per hour and other adjustable information are displayed. With the maintenance-free weighing system it is possible to connect a number of different control functions.

With serial output for data transmission or connection to recorder. The scale can be calibrated for 25 different products, each with zeroable quantity counter and total counter

Pipe construction components:

  • Pipes with different wall thicknesses (from 0,75-15mm)
  • Tubes with highly wear-resistant lining
  • Pressure shock resistant pipe connectors
  • Clamping rings, flanges
  • Telescopic tubes
  • Aluminium tubes
  • Silo discharge pipes
  • Rotary distributor
  • Folding box
  • Fittings such as forks, cones etc.
  • Drop Brakes
  • Impact Pot

We supply pipe components with 1 or 2 or 3 mm wall thickness from our own stock. Possible surfaces are powder-coated or galvanized. For increased requirements we offer a stainless steel version. Our pipe systems can be flexibly adapted and are compatible with all common pipe systems.

The fields of application are food industry, chemical or pharmaceutical industry, paper or building material industry, recycling industry, waste disposal, ventilation construction, mechanical engineering, plant construction, mills and milling, grain storage, concentrated feed plants, pet food, automotive industry etc.

If required, we also supply ATEX versions of the products as well as conductive products for potential equalization.

Pipe Repair Systems

Pipe collars

Variants for sizes: 250 mm, 200 mm, 150 mm
thickness: 2 mm powder-coated
Length: 160 mm and 225 mm

Half shells repair kit

Set consisting of: Half shell, fastening clip and sealing material
Size: 200 mm, 150 mm, length: 1,000 mm
thickness: 3 mm

Two component cold repair kit

specially formulated for fast, all-round repair of cracks or crazing in steel, cast iron, aluminium and bronze
Coated areas are resistant to wear and corrosion

Rotary distributor

The new generation of rotary pipe distributors is equipped with a slewing ring in the inlet area and a flat bearing unit. Rotary pipe distributors and rotary pipe switches can be used in almost all areas of conveying.

Technical details:
Completely wired control system, explosion-proof design, single and double pipe design, pneumatic valve pipe pressure or sealing by means of inflatable seal.

User-friendly, almost maintenance-free, robust design – a dust-tight version is available on request.

Conveying in flat stores

With flat storage systems, you can store and dry products (grain, granules, etc) optimally at different heights. The flat store can be divided into different cells, so you can store different grain types in one large hall.

Grain requiring drying is conveyed into a room with air ducts. Here the grain is stored at different heights.


Bring your company up to date!
Convey grain, seeds, soy, fodder, maize, wood chips, biomass and other granulates to the desired silo conveniently via touch screen!

Our team will be happy to advise you according to your individual needs – from the practical simple solution to a fully automated system!