Drying Technology

Alvan Blanch universal dryer

If you are looking for an efficient, continuous dryer that can process any material (fermentation residues, woodchip, grain, paper sludge, waste, etc), then the Alvan Blanch universal dryers are the right choice!

Alvan Blanch – Unique. Versatile. Flexible.


Technical details:

If you are looking for an efficient, continuous dryer that can process any material (fermentation residues, woodchip, grain, paper sludge, waste, etc), then the Alvan Blanch universal dryers are the right choice!

Alvan Blanch – Unique. Versatile. Flexible.

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Multiple heat sources

Various heat sources can be used, such as waste heat from biogas plants, liquid gas, natural gas or oil burners (direct/indirect), hot water, steam and much more.
Due to a large drying area and low-temperature drying, it is ideally suited for temperature-sensitive products such as hemp, lucerne, beans etc.

Silent and clean drying technology

Our continuous flat bed dryer cannot be compared with a conveyor belt dryer. The product to be dried is gently guided over the drying bed by the circulating conveyor chain. Variable air volumes through the use of frequency converters – therefore also low noise level. Each dryer is divided into several sections – for each specific product the temperature and air flow in these sections can be adjusted. Energy efficiency can be increased by heat recovery. Low emission values for dust through targeted air flow adjustment.


Pre-bunker for non-free-flowing materials

Separate inlet area for grain (free-flowing materials)

Gentle product mixer in the drying bed

Clean, easy cleaning

Low noise level




Vorbunker für nicht-rieselfähige Materialen

Eigener Einlaufbereich für Getreide (rieselfähige Materialien)

Schonende Produktmischer im Trocknungsbett

Saubere, einfache Reinigung

Niedriger Geräuschpegel

At these locations you will find an Alvan Blanch dryer:

Alvan Blanch flatbed dryer

The Alvan Blanch flatbed dryer is ideally suited for the gentle drying of free-flowing and non-free-flowing products.

Technical details:


  • uniform product flow, guaranteed flow even of heavily contaminated
  • material
  • powerful and high efficiency
  • great flexibility, smallest quantities can be dried as a batch
  • ideally suited for extremely gentle drying of maize, grain, fine seeds and much more
  • standard heat recovery with 25% saving, ECO version with 34% energy saving
  • Whisper version <55dB possible
  • easy cleaning of the entire dryer within 30 minutes
  • clean type change without emptying possible
  • short assembly time due to pre-assembly in the factory

Technical details:

Dryable products:

Maize, cereals, sunflower, rape, corn on the cob, pellets, breadcrumbs, spent grains, pig ears, cotton seeds, nuts, almonds,
Pumpkin seeds, millet, beans, soya, oats, margarites, cucumber herb, coffee beans, flea seeds, apricot seeds and much more!

At these locations you will find an Alvan Blanch dryer:

Warm air heater

Warm air generation air air heat exchanger direct/indirect

Modern warm air heaters and the oil fan burners used are low maintenance.

With direct hot air generators, the flue gases are mixed with the process air and passed through the material to be dried. Advantageous is the fast heating and the up to 100% energy yield.

With indirect warm air heaters, the process air for heating is led past the heated exchange surfaces in counter- and co-current flow. The flue gases must be discharged via a chimney.

They work safely and automatically.
On request, we manufacture the warm air heaters with a changeover device for direct/indirect heating.

Modern fully automatic biomass boilers with pre-furnace and deflection chamber for direct firing of a warm air heater with very high efficiency.

With hydraulic moving floor discharge of wood chips from larger storage facilities. The frequently used system promises robust technology and low susceptibility to failure and is highly appreciated by our customers. Of course, our plants are equipped with mechanical dust separators in order to fall below the legal dust limits.

The plant is controlled fully automatically and is equipped with all the safety devices required by the authorities, including a backfire protection system, a fire water system, as well as the separation of the material flow by means of gate valves, so that the fire can never spread from the combustion chamber into the fuel store.

The negative pressure control in the combustion chamber prevents the escape of combustible gases into the boiler room. The system is ready for operation within 20-25 minutes and when switched off it cools down in approx. 30-45 minutes, comparable to a normal warm air heater. This takes the same time for cooling.

The optimal addition to a drying plant is our powerful dust separator.

The centrifugal separator works on the principle of centrifugal separation. The dust air is introduced into the housing, spread over the entire width of the separator and set in a rotational movement. The dust particles migrate to the housing wall, where they are peeled out of the main stream by a peeling tongue and discharged into the secondary separator.

The dust particles contained in the exhaust air are thrown outwards through a cylindrical baffle plate system and also enter the secondary separator. The separated dust particles are discharged via a rotary valve or bagging pot. The centrifugal separator requires a minimum air volume for proper functioning in order to achieve sufficient rotation and air reversal. If the total air volume for the dryer needs to be reduced (e.g. for rape), the air volume for the separator can be increased via the secondary nozzle.

The main features are:

  • Spiral-shaped housing
  • Lamella ring (air conduction system)
  • horizontal secondary separator with central tube and discharge cone

Tower dryer

Tried and tested drying technology for consumer grain, malting barley, maize, oil and legumes.  You have the choice between continuous or batch operation.

The special trickle system made of a corrosion-free light metal alloy guarantees a long service life as well as an even throughput. The hot air parts are insulated against energy loss. Fans can be installed on the pressure or suction side.

Continuous dryer systems are designed according to the modular principle and can therefore be expanded at any time. Extensive capacity range from 0.5 to 100t/h.