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In the field of grain technology, we are considered specialists in the areas of grain preparation, drying and health maintenance, for example. grain coolers. Are you looking for cooling devices, samplers, pre-cleaners, universal cleaners, seed processing, laboratory equipment, drying systems or sophisticated conveying technology? Then you are in the right place! In the field of drying technology we use innovative warm air generation such as wood chip furnaces, powerful dust separation and high-performance fans. read more …

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Plant Construction

We offer complete solutions for your business. By this we mean planning and project management of complete production plants, silos, warehouses and conveyor systems, seed processing, …

Drying Technology

Here you will find everything about continuous dryers, flat grate dryers, wood chips heating, warm air heaters, centrifugal separators with interesting product information.

Ventilation & Cooling

This area covers the topics ventilation, cooling units and cooling ducts, rental cooling units, pipe & wear protection and temperature measuring systems with the respective functions, processes and technical details.

Laboratory & Sampling

Find the right Falling Number Meter, Moisture Meter, Grain Volume Meter, Grain Sorting, Beetle Sieves, Germinators, Sampling and many other products.

Dedusting Systems

The area of dedusting systems includes the topics of filter systems, extraction technology, high vacuum systems and industrial vacuum cleaners. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have personally.

Conveying Technology

Here you can read everything about the bucket relevator, rotary centrifuge, grain and fertilizer conveyor belt, grain fertilizer centrifuge, trough conveyor belts, impact plate scales, etc.

Grain Cleaning

Grain cleaning includes the topics Damwatch, spelt husker model VC, moisture stainer WN, ascending sifter Pulco, universal cleaning machine, centrifugal aspirator SIGMA.

Service & Maintenance

Our team ensures that your plant is ready for the coming harvest! We offer: Maintenance and inspection of analytical equipment, service of all equipment for post-harvest treatment …

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