Service & Maintenance

Our team ensures that your plant is ready for the coming harvest!

We offer:

Maintenance and inspection of analytical equipment
Service of all equipment for post-harvest treatment such as cleaners, seed processing equipment, conveyor systems, sampling equipment, cooling equipment,
Dryers, air heaters, etc.
Production of custom-made components
Adaptation of standard components to your individual needs
comprehensive metalworking
Inspection of harvest analysis equipment
In order to avoid surprises when determining quality, a perfectly functioning analytical instrument is required.
For this reason, we offer our customers the inspection of the harvest analysis instrument so that these instruments are available for harvesting without possible failures of these instruments.

Due to our generously designed warehouse we are able to act within shortest time and to supply necessary spare parts.
For particularly complex questions we have international teams of selected partner companies at our disposal, with whom we have been working together satisfactorily for over 45 years.

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Service cooling units

According to the regulation, refrigeration systems with a filling weight of more than 1.5 kg must be checked annually with regard to their operational safety. In addition, an inspection log book must be kept for every refrigeration system with a filling weight of more than 1.5 kg, in which the time of every inspection, replaced parts etc. must be entered, including inspection in accordance with §22 of the Refrigeration Systems Ordinance and entry in the inspection log book.

Wash the condenser (using water, special cleaning agent and high-pressure cleaner)
Measure pressure, add refrigerant if necessary
Dirty air filter Replace if necessary
Check the function of the pressostats
Leak test refrigeration circuit
Wash evaporator and heating coil
Testing all contactors
Checking the indicator lamps
Control condensate drain
Test run and control Control system
Check lubricating oil level
Inspection of oil sump heater
Checking solenoid valves
Checking the indicator status
Check electric motors (bearings, direction of rotation)
Inspection of safety switches and devices
Check air lines for leaks
Functional check of the control system Air side
Entry in the inspection book
Entry in the test log book of any replaced parts


Increased operational safety
Prevention of disturbances
Extension of the service life of your plant
Better cooling performance!
Energy saving due to shorter running time
By cleaning the condenser and the condenser, the high efficiency is maintained even in limit ranges
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