Ventilation & Cooling

Grain cooling units GRANIFRIGOR™

Grain cooling with a grain chiller is a natural process for cold preservation of grain, corn, rice, paddy and oilseeds. Since 1963 the grain cooling unit GRANIFRIGOR™ has been manufactured and used worldwide for grain cooling.

The GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling process has been successfully used in over 70 countries for many years. Today the series comprises 11 sizes + GRANIVENT

As a service partner and spare parts support point, we look after hundreds of refrigeration units of all makes throughout Austria and Europe. The distribution of the GRANIFRIGOR™ which is also available as special version with additional sound insulation.


Für den temporären Einsatz bieten wir Mietkühlgeräte an. Unsere Experten beraten Sie gerne!

AL-KO AIRSAFE 1200 und 1600

Der AL-KO Airsafe filtert 99,95 % aller Viren, Bakterien, Sporen, Pollen und Aerosole aus der Raumluft und sorgt so für eine optimale Luftreinigung, bestens geeignet für die Aufstellung in Bildungseinrichtungen, Bürogebäuden, Arztpraxen usw. – überall dort, wo viele Menschen in großen, geschlossenen Räumen aufeinander treffen. Zusätzlich punkten kann der AL-KO AIRSAFE mit niedrigsten Schallwerten.


  • Einfache und flexible Aufstellung
  • Platzsparend durch schlankes Gehäusedesign
  • Beweglich auf Rollen
  • Steckerfertige Geräteausführung, kein Installationsaufwand
  • Niedrigste Schallwerte durch professionelle Technik vom deutschen Lufttechnikspezialisten

Sie sorgen für einen rundum professionellen Infektionsschutz mit zertifizierten HEPA-Filtern

Cooling channels

We also offer comprehensive solutions in the area of cooling ducts. From drivable cooling ducts to special cooling ducts for rapeseed etc. in different sizes and shapes.

Ventilation: The grain grower
An indispensable helper in every grain warehouse


Mixing and homogenizing
Loosen up and keep flowable
Remove heat pockets
Improve ventilation rate
Intensify storage ventilation drying by means of circulating conveying
Higher drying temperatures for storage ventilation drying


  • Place the device on the stack (only in non-hazardous areas)
  • select the screw length so that no contact with the ground can occur
  • switch on the unit standing on the motor side
  • after switching on, the screw lowers into the vertical
  • the granary attendant immediately begins to move and work his way through the stack of grain

Technical details:

  • 1,5 kW gear motor with motor protection switch and CE plug
  • Special housing approx. 850mm diameter with motor mount and steering
  • 60mm to 80mm diameter screw
  • Screw length 3m
  • Weight with 3m long auger e.g. 40kg

The further developed version features automatic navigation and control by means of radio signal location. A positioning base station is located on the granary, which determines the current position from the radio signals. This position is transmitted to the control computer together with other data. The control computer uses the position to determine the necessary switching processes for the path control and sends them to the Kornknecht. During the work of the grain farmer, measured values, such as grain temperature, are recorded. The measured values are mapped and can be used to control drying measures and to prove quality assurance. This makes a major contribution to quality control and maintenance. Hazards due to self-heating and quality losses due to spoilage (mould and extremely harmful toxins) are largely eliminated in this way.

You can also rent the Kornknecht from us – availability and prices on request!

Temperature measuring rod GT1

The temperature measuring rod is an inexpensive solution for temperature control in small grain storage facilities.
The GT1 consists of a glass fiber rod with a digital display module and a probe in the tip.
Solid and stable design for fast and flexible measurement.
Direct readable without having to pull out the rod – the difference to a conventional thermometer rod.

Technical details:
Handle bright red
rod yellow or white
Measuring range between -10°C and +70°C
plunge depth 1,5 m

Temperature measuring system for silos/grain storage

Temperature measuring systems Combination silos and halls
Sensors suitable for ATEX zone 20/2
IR interface (PC, print)
Intuitive operation

DuoLine Mobile

Get professional support for the documentation obligation in the grain warehouse. Delegate this task to this reliable helper who will provide you with the necessary data quickly and reliably. An acoustic beep warns you immediately if the value exceeds or falls below the limit value. Affected temperature values are marked. Temperatures can be called up on the display, printed or stored with measuring time and date. DuoLine mobile is suitable for up to 20 silo cells with ATEX sensors. In addition, up to 200 temperature measuring rods can be measured and stored.

DuoLine mobile is supplied in an attractive, handy plastic housing, with illuminated 3-line digital display and intuitive 3-button menu control. The relevant temperature values are marked accordingly in the display and print protocol.

Two cable lines, each with a maximum of 10 DuoLineStar modules and a length of up to 200m can be connected with an analogue input for the direct connection of temperature measuring rods. Power supply via 9 V block battery.

DuoLine Medium

Combination of silos and halls
Sensors suitable for ATEX zone 20/2 large touch screen display fully automatic control

The standard solution for medium-sized silo systems to meet plant safety and documentation requirements in grain storage. DuoLine medium is the permanently installed version in a control cabinet that can monitor up to 64 silo cells fully automatically. The various operating modes measuring interval, time or continuous monitoring are available for this purpose, depending on the season and measuring task.

DuoLine Star Soft

  • Computer based solution for temperature monitoring in grain stores of all sizes.
  • The software holds all relevant data in a database.
  • Different measuring modes and alarms can be set individually.
  • The system consists of the digital measuring sensors (incl. outdoor humidity sensor (option)), a small hardware housing (size like about 4 CDs),
  • a power supply unit and a connection box. Install the software on the PC and get started.
  • Neither relay boxes nor intermediate stations etc. are required!
  • Installation effort and costs remain manageable.

DuoLine radio

Variant with radio transmission of data for warehouses in connection with wired system of measurement for silos